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Published on 21 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

FilmIsNow Action presents the action full movie ULTIMATE FORCE

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The hero of our story is "Axon Rey" a heavily decorated war hero and former tactical police officer who has been recruited by a covert government organization to fight enemies of the state. Schooled in the martial arts as well as in the latest high tech weapons, Rey, now code-named "Sphinx", finds himself an elite member of the sanction division of SATO (State Anti-Terrorist Organization), a clandestine organization of assassins under the direct control of SIN (State Intelligence Network). During his last assassination mission Sphinx has failed. Normally the state deals with such failures easily; it executes the executioner. Since Sphinx is the top assassin, his controller, Janus, decides not to eliminate him immediately. He sends him to a rehabilitation island called "Gulag 7". Sphinx has to face 5 opponents - other government operatives who have been sent to the island for various reasons. A refusal to fight means death. After defeating his last opponent, he finds himself in a barracks lined with jail cells. In one of the cells, he finds Nina, his former love he had presumed lost forever. Sphinx learns from Nina that the Director of the organization has faked her death. The state invested a lot to train Sphinx to be a perfect killing machine. The Director couldn't afford his top assassin to be distracted by anything; particularly not by love. The two lovers still hope that they can escape from their past and start a new life together. But soon they are surrounded by soldiers and Janus. Janus confirms to Sphinx that faking Nina's death was the Director's idea. Together they formulate a plot to assassinate the Director - the outcome of which will decide who wields the ultimate force.

Director: Mark Burson
Writer: Mark Burson
Starring: Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic, Ruza Madarevic, Igor Galo
#UltimateForce #FullActionMovies

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